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Index for Eniish Resourcee for Japanese Studies and Humanities in Japan:

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Center for Japanese Studies, University of California, Berkeley

The Japanese Historical Map Collection

Lantern Slides of the Nippon Rikkokai

Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies, University of Oxford

The Oxford Corpus of Old Japanese

Chinese Painting Database

Ali Mubarak's al-Khitat al-Tawfiqiyya al-Jadida ('Tawfiq's New Plans, Referring to Egypt's Ruler at the Time')

Daiber Collection Database: The Arabic Manuscripts in the Daiber Collection, Institute of Oriental Culture, the University of Tokyo

Dictionary of Sources of Classical Japan

Digital Library of Classical Chinese Materials, Institute of Oriental Culture, the University of Tokyo

Islamic Monuments in India: Photographic Database

The SAT Daizokyo Text Database

Japanese Text Initiative

Digital Library, Usa Public Library